Nie sob… software penting buat kamu yang suka ngoprek aplikasi ponsel symbian…dll.

Sotware ini tergolong simple tapi cukuplah buat kita untuk mencoba bereksperimen dengan berbagi aplikasi HP Nokia ,terutama yang berekstensi SIS,SISX.

Langsung sja sobcekidot…..

Sis/sisx (Symbian Installation Script) files are just like self extracting archives (setup files) for Windows, containing all the installation files plus the script that directs copying of these files to specific folders. So a sis file just extract/copy its contents to various system folders (!sysbin etc). sis/sisx manipulation softwares (carbide.ui, compiler, IDE etc) available for Symbian developers are too complicated for average users. However some Windows applications are available (developed by independent developers) which allow you to see what is within a sis/sisx file, extract the contents to your hard drive and even edit and rebuild the file. Here are the tools for you (Most of the functions in these apps require at least some knowledge of Symbian programming) –

1. SISXplorer – A useful free software which provides many functions like sis/sisx detailed info, HEX viewer, Text Viewer, RSC Viewer, MBM Viewer, MIF Viewer etc, besides you can also extract single or all the file contained within a sis/sisx file (however it currently supports S60 3rd and 5th ed files only)

2. SIS Contents – A very good free sis explorer/editor application. It has plenty of options to work with like – it gives detailed info about any sis file (S60 3rd ed onwards) including details of all the included files, signing (certificate) status, option to save the certificate (.cert file) of a signed sis file, edit/repack the sis/sisx file, option to show/save the PKG script, extract single or all files from sis, sign a sis/sisx file etc. Very handy indeed…

3. SISWare – SISWare is a powerful software for sis/sisx manipulation and related tasks. It provides almost all the functions of the Symbian C++/Carbide.C++ app like –
a. sis PKG compiler/editor/builder/signer
b. sis explorer/extractor
c. MBM editor/converter etc

4. YAMGui Plus – (Dubbed “Yet another MakeSIS Gui” by its developer, YAMGui Plus is another very good free Symbian tool) It also provides many useful functions like –
sis info/extract utility, Unpack/Rebuild sis option, preview theme from a sis file, extract MBM files from sis, take screen shots of themes, make sis file from a package etc.

5. KVT Symbian Installer – A simple “MakeSIS” application that also provides functions like –
SIS extractor and certificate generator (to create personal self-signed certificates).
Making SIS file with KVT Symbian Installer is very easy indeed – just choose the files to be added to the intended sis file, define some parameters and click “Make SIS” and done.

Dan semua software bisa kamu download disini