Taking pictures with CameraPro seems to be slower than with the built-in camera application!. CameraPro processes images in background, so you can capture more images directly after taking a picture. But CameraPro provides 100% quality (=raw jpeg) by default which results in up to 5 times larger image sizes (like 10 MB instead of 2 MB). Thus sometimes CameraPro can be a little bit slower than the built in camera when taking pictures with 100% quality.. Does CameraPro hack or alter the camera firmware in any way?. No, CameraPro is a stand-alone application which provides the same, or even better, quality and features as some hacks (e.g. HyperX) available but without altering the camera firmware nor the built-in camera app settings.. How can I take pictures in 16:9 format? When you are in photo mode, please goto “Settings” and change the image size to e.g. “4000×2248”.. How can I record videos?. To switch to video mode goto the “Camera Mode” menu item and select “Video mode”. Video recording is started with the same buttons as used for image capturing.. The display has short hangs and/or the video framerate varies for 1280×720 video at 30 fps!. The Nokia N8 official maximum recording settings are 1280×720 at 25 fps. With the current firmware 30fps overload the N8’s CPU which causes stuttering..

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