Arise Joyeye FX v2.00(241) s60v5 Symbian^3 by brigade81


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Arise Joyeye FX v2.00 Feature :

*Your mobile phone camera become a LOMO style camera, and take some fun photos,such as4-lens action sampler;
*You to preview the photos with some fun filters on camera display before shooting,e.g.,Color (E2C,W/ B,Retro),Distort (Mirror), Stylize (Scanline),Frame (Angel,Rock,Polariod);
*You apply filters on the photos you took before.There are several filter categories, e.g.Color,Distort,Stylize and Frame,etc.
*You to share the photos processed by Joyeye Lite to;
*You to write micro-blogto joyeye.comand synctomore mobile SNS communities,if you want,suchasTwitter



Arise Joyeye FX v2.00 Introduction :

Shot This keeps the fast shot experience. Mode Shot mode change:
mode change between normal shot and LOMO style of Action Sampler shot.
-Hardware support for shot
-Under shot mode,the function of middle key on keyboard.

Arise Joyeye FX v2.00 fiture modes :

Four kinds of“shotmodes” with different experience: Normal,Same Sampler,Action Sampler and Multiple Action Sampler.

Arise.Joyeye FX.v2.00(241) .s60v5.S^3.Unsigned.sis (1.09 mb)


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