Opera Mobile 11 – S60v3, S60v5, S^3 || Yang Lain Semakin Pasrah..!!!


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Instant access to your favorite websites

See your top websites visually laid out on your screen in Speed Dial, and load each of them with a quick tap. It is easy to add your preferred pages to Speed Dial, and you even can synchronize them with your desktop, using Opera Link.

Feel at ease on any device

The user interface has been designed for both touchscreen and keypad-style mobile phones. Scroll and pan at warp speed with your keypad or flick the touchscreen to use kinetic scrolling for long pages.

Multitask with tabs

Keep several pages open at the same time and easily switch between them using tabs—just as you would on your desktop computer. On touchscreen devices, visual tabs even allow you to see a preview of the open pages you can select.


On touchscreen phones, you can use two fingers to adjust the size of the page you are viewing smoothly and precisely for the ideal perspective. Pinch your fingers together to shrink a page and see more of it, or spread your fingers apart to expand small text and make it easier to read.

Enter addresses in a flash

Effortlessly enter addresses thanks to our sophisticated URL auto- completion. The Opera browser intelligently guesses what URL you are typing in the address field, allowing you to start loading that site after entering only a few letters. Your bookmarks and previously visited addresses also appear in a list as you type, so you can select the one you want.