Mobile_photoshop_NokiaS60v5 Mantap…


Aplikasi edit Foto memang banyak macamnya..
tapi.. photo editor yang satu ini ..emang gx bisa dianggap remeh..

Nih..plototin aja Fitur- fiturnya :

Draw a circle, Draw rectangle , Pierced , Reset size ,Transparent cover, 90 degrees clockwise ,Upside down, Swap left and right ,Transparency, Camera to take Figure , Dodge deepen , Black and White, Neon light ,Chalk drawing , Soften ,Sharpening ,Brighten ,Darken ,Relief, Woodcut ,Mosaics, Brush transparency ,Background Color, Foreground color ,Menu Settings ,Line Triangle, Writing……………
Dan masih banyak lagi fitur yang lain…

1. Open the image files of all directory (not including system folders, mobile phone security restrictions);
2. Removal of unwanted effects of the original 3D (0 key pop-up) menu
3. (Right) tool to increase: outline feature extraction
4. (Right) effects to add: generate mask, ghost function
5. (Right) Three-dimensional increase:
a) The perfect pyramid, and the function name changes to Tri- vertebral
b) around the map
c) Scene
d) drum
e) Cone
f) round cake

Nah..dari pada pada penasaran ( bagi yang belum punya aplikasi ini )
Langsung aja…. SERRBUUU………….!!!!! ( 579 kb )

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